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Lazy Hammock's track 'Searching feat Ivan M-Sax' was licensed by CBS for the hit US sitcom 'Life In Pieces.'


LAZY HAMMOCK is signed to German label DIVENTA MUSIC, and has released 5 albums to date including 1 remix album. Her productions & remixes have been licensed for TV and numerous other companies including; CBS, K Digital, Mood Media, Play Network and Medianet and to over 1000 compilations worldwide, including MINISTRY OF SOUND, SONY BMG and EMI amongst many other labels

LAZY HAMMOCK is a UK Artist, Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Vocalist, Remixer and Radio Presenter who is constantly in demand for her songwriting, vocals and production skills from artists and labels alike and for her chilled DJ sets from Promoters and venues. Her music has its own inimitable style and she is well known for her infectious, warm, laid back style of soulful/chill-out, productions and remixes, and also for her captivating live stage performances. She has also been the main DJ at many High End events including; 100% Design Show, London, The opening and closing parties for Clerkenwell Design Week, The Icon Awards, Showroom parties for Surtio, Bene, USM and CaesarstoneUK and has also played in Ibiza and many other countries around the world.

The Null Hypothesis - Voice of Fractals (Production Music)


At 01.12.2017  you can order the Album "The Null Hypothesis" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

An exquisite collection of musical tracks of various genres for background music use and pure listening pleasure for audiophiles and music lovers. Each track is meticulously made with creative, unique sounds and tonality that you would have never heard before and suits a plethora of projects, be it production music, movie and TV trailers, commercials, ads, game music, and hold music. With passion from the exotic house of Voice of Fractals. For a truly creative and ethereal musical experience.

Oak - Pianochocolate (Lounge)


At 13.10.2017  you can order the Album "Oak" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

This autumn together with long-awaited chill and colors brought us a new album of Pianochocolate which is called «Oak». In a context of the collective's creative way, this one can truly be compared with some new fresh wind. «Oak» is different by its atmosphere, dynamics and sounding from all that Pianochocolate has been doing so far. But it doesn't presuppose any losses in quality, tenderness or strength. In fact, this time Michael Korumenko's music, which we loved for neat harmonies, timid piano and melancholic musical landscapes, charms a listener with quite new shades and rhythms of wind playing in a tree crown. The sounding of analog synthesizers, which made a basic ground for «Oak», and the experimental way of creating pieces enriched Pianochocolate with quite a new deepness and wideness. This autumn our classic black chocolate present a new filling; for a true musical gourmet not tasting it would be a pitiable loss.

Passages - Placid Larry (Chillout)


At 22.09.2017  you can order the Album "Passages" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Placid Larry is back on Diventa music this time with a lovely EP entitled passages . Placid Larry opts for a dryer , rawer sound with these five tracks and here we're taken on a downtempo journey kicking things off with a few chill hop groovers moving towards Larry's classic chill out signature as he winds the EP down . Some nice vocal pops and warm analogue sounds give this EP real character !! Grab your favorite drink sit back and unwind !!

In Da House - Rostov Groovers (Funky Lounge Music)


At 14.08.2017  you can order the Album "In Da House" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Rostov Groovers is a Russian band. In 2017 Petr Shatilov gathered a group to play instrumental acid-jazz and funky-hip-hop music. Drums, a bass and a guitar form the rhythm section. Saxophone plays jazz solos and a DJ adds hip-hop scrathes to the music. The first EP called "Rostov Groovers in da house" includes 4 tracks. Each track describes the group's style and sound in a different way. Right now Rostov Groovers record the second EP "Luxury Fast Food". It will be released in the second part of 2017.